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Tel. +86-0757-85992970

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Tel: +86-0757-85992970
FAX: +86-0757-85992970
Email: suzen-3758@vip.163.com
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Address: SanXiangRoad, Baisha, Huangqi, Dali, Nanhai, Foshan City, GuangDong Province, China.

Rattan Furniture  USA

Billy Schwandt
Email: billy@no1rattanfurniture.com
Telephone number: US 01 763-350-4088
Address: Zimmerman, Minnesota 55398

Rattan & Wicker Furniture China


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1/2 MeshPVC WebbingRattan Mats6 X 6 Square Meshothers

Rattan coreRattan FlatPerfume stickothers

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