Sola Wood Flower Diffuser

What is a Sola Flowers   Sola flowers are made of a kind of tropical plants native to Southeast Asia countries and used as a kind of diffusing medium for high end home fragrance diffusers. It use of  imported natural plant. With the  advantage of natural environment protection , strong  texture, oil absorption. It is used capillarity of fiber to diffuse fragrance oil, so that the users can enjoy a good  sense of fragrance oils. The  whole process no need use any heat, easy to use, highly secure. Meanwhile according to different scents to designed different flowers. Also  the absorbed oil’s flowers can be wrapped and put  aside in a different space for decoration. Cause Each flowers is handmade, so each one is unique. Description about Sola wood flower diffuser Handmade flowers, … Continue reading Sola Wood Flower Diffuser