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Latest News
February 05, 2017
Polished Rattan Core

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 Polished Rattan Core ( Rattan Pole) We are setting a new factory in Indonesia for the rattan Polished Rattan core ( rattan pole) Including: 1 Manau Will have two price for Manau 3 meters & Manau 4 meters Manau......

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August 27, 2016
Our New factory In Indonesia (Rattan Wicker Furniture Materials )

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Our New factory In Indonesia We have our factory in China. With export all the rattan material in China: 1 Rattan Cane Webbing ( 1/ 2 Mesh) A/B/C /D Grade for all your choice. Different price for the different grade......

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July 10, 2016
Export Rattan Materials

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Export Rattan Materials From China 1 Rattan Webbing: More of the choice for you, different grade & different price: More details, pls check : http://rattanwholesaler.com/rattan-products/rattan-cane-webbing/12-mesh/     2......

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